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Allison J. Aclufi
Ed.D., Ph.D., CCHt, RYT-200

LEDE is short for LEarning and DEvelopment. Dr. Aclufi has been designing, implementing and facilitating curriculum and trainings, providing individual and group therapy, educational and clinical therapeutic interventions, advocating for individuals and families, administering tests and assessments, and conducting evaluations for over 20 years.


She earned her master's degree in Science Education and doctorate in Education with a specialization in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California, followed by National Board Certification as a Science Educator. After working as a Senior Lecturer and Assistant Adjunct Professor (at USC), Lecturer and Mentor for Los Angeles Unified School District's District Intern and BTSA programs, lecturing at California State University and consulting with the National Institutes of Health, she served as a Dean of Students, School Administrator, and District Administrator in charge of testing and assessment.


Dr. Aclufi went on to earn her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, conducting a wide variety of testing, assessments and evaluations for state and federal agencies, major corporations and their stakeholders, law offices, K-12 students, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as those preparing for high-stakes entrance and board exams. She has been asked by non-profit and for-profit organizations to present on topics including best practices when working with individuals with mental illness, self-care, preventing burnout, mind-body practices to improve self-soothing and self-regulation, diffusing difficult situations, and many others.


Her experience includes helping attorneys quantify their client's risk for recidivism and potential for rehabilitation, identifying cognitive challenges, psychopathological and/or criminal thinking patterns, along with substance use and/or abuse issues that may influence the planning and implementation of services. Her strength-based evaluations and evidence-based treatment recommendations can assist with the transfer of a case to mental health court and subsequent diversion.


As a function of her work, Dr. Aclufi has reviewed thousands of medical, psychiatric, psychological and educational records. She excels at identifying areas that may be resulting in barriers to  achievement and will clearly yet comprehensively explain psychometric data in terms that are easily understood. Her recommendations result in the provision of appropriate and necessary accommodations, facilitating the achievement of desired outcomes. Further training  with the Western Justice Center, the Center for Mind and Body Medicine, as a Registered Yoga Teacher (specializing in Yoga Nidra and Yin Yoga), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Practitioner/Instructor, and as a Clinical Hypnotherapist allows Dr. Aclufi to comprehensively help individuals address their underlying challenges, so they can heal their mind, body, and spirit.

Her Coaching Services are designed for individuals who do not require the services of a mental health professional, but are looking to reconcile and/or resolve issues that may be impeding their ability to live happier and more enriching lives. 

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