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"I am relieved and excited to report that I successfully completed the ...Law and Ethics Exam last week...I have always told myself that I am not a good test-taker...I had a very serious family event the night before my exam...and can honestly say that it was due to Allison's support that gave me the confidence to go ahead...The people in the exam center commented on my lack of fear, my smiling before going into the exam, and my completing the exam with 20 minutes to spare. Thanks to Allison!" TW

"Thanks for the wonderful work you did with my testing and evaluation - it means a lot to me." LK

" were successful in obtaining diversion. Thanks so much for your help. We will likely need some more of your time navigating the treatment. Thanks again." Z

"Your testing and report were excellent! The accommodations you recommended were very helpful. This has made a big difference on our areas to work on. Thank you..." MR

I participated in Dr. Aclufi's Mental Health Case Considerations for Attorneys class and was captivated by her articulate pedagogical delivery of complex mental health diagnoses. Furthermore, the insightful delivery of several dynamic case studies put theory into practice in a way that was both compelling and digestible. It's evident she's a strong and sophisticated advocate for justice for all. Thank you, Dr. Aclufi!" BAV, JD Candidate

"The feedback from attendees has been extremely positive AND the only complaint was the wish for a longer presentation - staff really enjoyed it! The group found it to be informative, very organized and beneficial to their work." Liz, VP, Program Services

"This beautifully orchestrated class delivered many useful strategies for overcoming fear, doubt and debilitating anxiety...Dr. A was eloquent..., giving use many useful tools and takeaways that only her insight, expertise and experience can provide. Along with that, it seems this is a role she was born to execute effortlessly and effectively. Thank you for this time with you..." AB

"Allison, this is an excellent presentation, and I know your experience with this demographic will be helpful to all of us." Victoria, Contract Support

"Hi Allison, this is great. Thank you very much! Lana, Training Manager


“Immediately upon logging in I am welcomed with a beautiful, warm, inviting, and genuine smile. I instantly start to feel cared for and appreciated. I had no idea how much stress and tension were in my upper body. The session gives me permission to take a moment for myself. The two session I have attended have been the best part of both days. After each session, I have noticed that the rest of my day I feel more joyful, companionate, and less aggressive. I tell all my coworkers that they need to log in and try it out. I would like to have a session everyday 😊 Thank you Allison you are a true beauty and I appreciate you… hugs.” SA

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Relaxing at Home

"First of all I want to say thank you again for the relaxation sessions. I loved everything about the session...I felt I had been in deep meditation all day or that I had just had a 2 hour massage. It really is an indescribable feeling...I was amazed with the results..."Monica, Business Specialist.

I loved your calming breath work and appreciated this work of helping me to put away stresses of my day. Thanks so much...Dr. JBN

It's exactly what I needed at the end of...well...let's just say it's been a day. P.S. My dog benefitted from it, too. 😊 JC, Copywriter

"What I like about it, is that the service was offered in the office for less than 10 minutes...I feel so relaxed and calm during the session. It made my muscles and my body slow down...I'm glad I could relax my body without using drugs. LOL." N, Senior Accountant

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